[15 August 2017] 71st Independence Day Speech for Students, Kids, Teachers In Hindi English

Use this 15 August 2017 Speech In Hindi & English and give your 71st Independence day Speech in your school function. This Swatantrata Diwas Bhashan for Teacher, Students and Kids. Hope you like this Speech Lines and 15 August 2017 Images.

71st Independence Day Speech for Students

India is a great country the name India is derived form the name of Indus river. India independence day is one of the most important day which celebrated in every year. 15th august is a celebration of flag hosting, anthem song, sweets and cultural functions. On the occasion of 71st independence day we are come with new unknown lines of independence day. If you students can attache these lines in your speech. Then your speech made up as a motivational type. Here we give you a 71st Independence Day 2017 Speech. India is also called “Bharat Ganrajya” its basically a sanskrit word. If you are a student then you all are want a best Bhashan lines for your 15 Aug programs. If you really want to do best performance on this day. So you are in a right site.

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15 August 2017 Speech In Hindi for Kids

Bharat is a country where peoples are independent for each other. Every day we are enjoy independence life reason is that we are not under the English rules. After this freedom we celebrate every year independence day at 15th of august. 15th august is a fun day which marks the two independent states first is India and Pakistan. 1947 is a creation of these two country. Independence day celebrated in both these country by their peoples. Kids, Students and teachers also perform on this day at educational environment. They give some motivational speeches about our country past and future. 15 August Short speech in Hindi for students and long speech in English for kids are here mentioned. Get and make easy your 15th august 2017 speech performance.

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71st Independence Day Speech For Teachers In English

The India country peoples can celebrate this occasion by using various different ways. Few peoples enjoy this day by listening the swatantrata divash desh bhakti songs, few peoples can celebrate this day by decoration own face with their tricolor flag. Few peoples can celebrate them by giving some motivational speech to the colony peoples, Children celebrate this day on their school. Hope you all are planning to celebrate this day in a wonderful way. Now use 71st Independence Day Speech For Teacher and this speech lines in both Hindi and English language.

15 August 2017 Hindi Speech

15 August 2017 Hindi Speech

15 August 2017 English Speech

15 August 2017 English Speech

[15 August] 71st Independence Day Speech In Hindi

“Bharat Mata ki jai” very beautiful line. On this day it can be loudly spiked out in every path via school childrens rally. Teachers can play the rally show on the school nearest places. Which is contain desh bhakti naare and patriotic songs. After finishing the rally show childrens perform so many acts in school. Have fun and enjoy their every movement. If you want any independence day related stuff then visit our site. Hope you all done these all activity on your school function. Now share this 15 August 71st Independence day Speech with your all friends and classmates. Jai Hind,Jai Bharat.


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