15 August 2017 Patriotic Poems, Kavita In Hindi – Independence Day Desh Bhakti Poems For Kids

15 August Patriotic Poems and Kavita In Hindi for you all students. Independence Day Desh Bhakti Poems For Kids is available on this page. All students now get Swatantrata Diwas Kavita and celebrate this day.

15 August Patriotic Poems In Hindi | Kavita for Students teachers

15th august is a sparking day. Which is celebrated in all over India. 15th of august  like independence day means we all are free. This is a  India independence day such as freedom day. In this year we all Indian are going to celebrate our 71st independence day after 69th independence day. All Indians and country peoples want to make this occasion a special occasion of the 2017 year . We celebrate our three big holidays in every year first we celebrate our first holiday in 26th Jan. two more holidays are 15th august and 2 Oct. 15 august is known as independence day in English and Swatantarta Diwas in Hindi language we celebrate this day because in this day our country was free from to British clutch. Now enjoy this huge collection of  15 August 2017 Patriotic Poems and make your school program a special program.

15 August Desh Bhakati Poem

15 August Desh Bhakati Poem

Swatantrata Diwas Kavita

Swatantrata Diwas Kavita

15 August Desh Bhakti Kavita In Hindi For Kids Students

Before 1947 our country was dependent on the British rules and regulations. British rules are very stick for all Indians. After this our many freedom fighters with country peoples start a fight against the British Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh ,Nehru Ji and many other great leaders play important role to free our nation from British empire. So 15 august is a very memorable day to all Indians. After independence day we made our constitution in 1950. So we celebrate 26th jan 1950.26 January is celebrated in the sense of republic day. Enjoy this 15 August Desh Bhakti Kavita and patriotic kavita lines and celebrate this day. Swatantrata divas is the day when many program are organize in all over the India. In this day schools colleges government offices and banks remain close programs are very important for celebrate 15 august drama, speeches anchoring , dance and so may other programs are organize in school function on the 15 august.

Bharat maa ke amar saput0n,
path par aage badhate jaana.
parwat nadiyaan aur samandar,
hans kar paaya sabhi kar jaana.
tumame Himgiri ki unchaayi,
saagar jaisi geharaayi H.
lehar0n ki masti H tum mein,
suraj jaisi tarunaayi H.
Bhagat Singh, Rana Pratap ka,
Behata rakt tumhaare tan mein,
Gautam, Gandhi, Mahaveer sa,
rehata satya tumhaare man mein.
sankat aaya jab dharti par,
tumane bhishan sangraam kiya.
maar bhagaaya dushman k0 fir,
jag mein apana naam kiya.
aane waale naye vishav mein,
tum bhi kuchh kar ke dikhlaana.
Bharat ke unnat lalaat k0,
jag mein unchaa aur uthaana.

Independence Day Desh Bhakti Poems For Kids Teachers

Now you all kids are want Special and Best Independence Day Desh Bhakti Poems For School program. Then you can get here. Kids participates on Poem competition, Drawing competitions and speech competition etc, First flag hosting is organized in schools. After this we sing our national anthem song after clapping for flag hosting sweets are distributed to all students. After this Rangarang and special programs are organize. In this day parades are organized in our capital. Our all three army navy and air force participates in 15 august parade people enjoy the live program on national television. Our prime minister give a 15 august speech at red fort new Delhi. This speech live show is play on TV.Those peoples who are not miss 15 august PM speech live show they can watch Modi live telecast videos from the you tube and our site.

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Swatantrata Diwas Desh Bhakti Poems For Kids Children

Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day 2017. Hope you all are enjoy this day and planning for best Independence day of your life. If you like these all Swatantrata Diwas Desh Bhakati Poems and Kavita in Hindi language. Then don’t forget to share this collection of patriotic poems with your all classmates.

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